Saturday, July 5, 2008

I think I'm going to have to finally admit that I simply can't fit all that I'd like to into the span of a single day. I keep meaning to post stuff on here, but it doesn't happen.

Project Tevan is moving along. I still haven't come up with a "real" name for it. That doesn't surprise me. It took me the better part of eighteen months to come up with A Shadowed Flame, talking of which... I STILL haven't started to query agents. I'm not sure why either. I'm procrastinating, and I'm world class at that. Time to get my rear-end in gear and commit.

The first of the new crop of fawns started to show up this week. I wasn't here to see them, of course, but the spouse called me to let me know he'd seen two. So far they haven't made their appearance on Deercam, and in fact we haven't seen any deer all day. I suspect that they don't much care for the 4th of July celebrations. No doubt they'll be back a the trough again soon. The way to a deer's heart is definitely through it's stomach!


Ben said...

Liz, I feel like I'm the one being flogged whenever I see your name on the Wall of Shame. It hurts! :)

Liz said...

Ouch, Ben. That hurts! It's also the best motivator I can have. Disappointing other people is something I really strive not to do. You'll not see me on the Wall of Shame again. And I won't be making Weak Excuses unless I'm really not able to write or post my words. Promise.