Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Indiahhh.. Incredible India

I'm back. I had a fabulous time too. Everyone, especially every writer, should visit India IMO. It truly is a land of contrasts. I don't have time for a proper post today, but hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get some of my thoughts down. I have loads of photos and I'll put them up on a website soon. Oh yes, I also wrote a few words today.


Anonymous said...

We're so glad your back!! We want pictures, as soon as you had a chance to rest up and what not.

Adrienne said...

Looks like you just missed all the excitement. Were you in Mumbai?

Liz said...

I managed to slip in two days after a riot and out again two weeks before a terrorist attack. I must lead a charmed life! I was actually in Pune(AKA Poona), which is about a 3 hour drive from Mumbai, depending on the traffic which is always nuts, so I only saw a very limited amount of Mumbai and that all at night.

I promise I will write more about the trip and share my photos soon. I simply don't know where the time is going. Perhaps work has something to do with it? I also need to get more words on paper for Project Tevan. The story is bubbling in my head, it just isn't getting down to the fingertips.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone. Can you hear that gobbling in the backgroud? I really need to put that bird in the oven or we'll be eating at midnight!