Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Better than silly putty

Pulse is working beautifully again for me. I'm able to write a few lines as they occur to me while I'm doing other things. It's lovely to be so productive.

The text conversion tool does a very good job of translating my handwriting. Not perfect by any means, but pretty darn good for all that. It really seems to try hard to come up with something that is English even if it's not always right. And therein lies a source of great mirth for me. Occasionally it will come up with something that is totally inappropriate. For instance, today I uploaded half a page of stuff, ran it through the conversion program ( just takes a single click of the mouse) and dropped it into LSB. Then I stared to check it. There on a line all by itself, three tabs out from the left-hand edge, was the following.
I ovulated.
Totally NOT what I'd written. How it came up with that I have no idea. I'd written 'I hesitated.', but now I keep giggling at the sheer lunacy of the sentence in the context of the scene.

Hmmm. They do say that small things amuse small minds, don't they?


Ing said...

Heh. When I scanned this post, the words "I ovulated" jumped out at me. For a second there, I thought this blog was taking a new and unexpected turn in subject matter.

Liz said...

It's such a terrific line, isn't it? I want to incorporate it in something, but what is the question. A story about a chicken? I'm not sure that has a whole lot of commercial appeal. But there again, who knows? Chicken Run did pretty good at the Box Office.