Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm not sure if everyone... or even anyone... is receiving my weekly email update about the Word Count Buddies website . Check your trash or junk mail folders if you aren't seeing it. If you didn't receive it drop a line to and I'll add you to the list. This is what I sent our earlier today --

I hope your all having a very productive weekend... and writing your words too :-)

I've added a couple of new things to the website. Your total-to-date counts are now displayed, and for those who haven't been adding their word counts on ( and you know who you are!!) you'll see a big fat 0 next to your name. If you post your word count for this weekend... no fudging please... and let me know what your actual running total is since you joined us I'll add that figure to the display. It updates automatically every time you add your daily count.

I have also put up a copy of the rules. My thanks to Ing for expanding on the original sketchy outline that I suggested on his blog. I've changed a couple of your words, Ing, but the vast majority of the work remains as you have it posted.

I'd like to get the Word Count Warrior of the Week done next. And if you will PLEASE send me a few words of bio info I'll put the About us page together. Theadra noticed that the link wasn't working. The reason why it doesn't is that I don't have any info to post. I don't want to post just my own as it then looks like this is my website. I prefer to think of it as a collaboration. So email me a little about yourselves and your goals I can get that working next weekend too.

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