Sunday, April 20, 2008


Tevan's turning out to be quite a character. He isn't fully fleshed out yet, nor will he be for quite a while, but I know a bit about him now. I know the name of the narrator too. Varda. The plot is developing nicely. I have an inkling where it will end, and in between there are plenty of twists and turns. They're in for an uncomfortable ride. I'm not going to give away too much here until the story starts to take shape.

I've also been working on the revision of ASF. I'm nearly done with Chapter 17, but I still have several areas earlier on that need attention. I'm going to work on those in the next couple of days... If Varda and Tevan will leave me alone for a bit!

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Hamlet said...

I like both names and the whole idea. I get strange little stories like that all the time. My problem is that I can never actually come up with a cool name on my own. So I end up with John and George and their great adventures in...Houston? Heh. But look forward to hearing more about them.