Monday, October 13, 2008

A Few Words

Well, it wasn't as good a day as it could have been writing-wise, but I did at least get a few words written. Better a few than none at all, right? And why, you may ask, am I throwing in the towel so early? I have to 'fess up. Monday is the night that Top Gear runs on BBC America and it's quite the best thing on TV so I have a date with the TV set. That and the spouse has bought a particularly nice bottle of wine which we fully intend to demolish in the next hour or so.
Catch you later.


Anonymous said...

You wrote. That's the important thing. Good for you. Enjoy your show and wine. Take care.

Ing said...

How was the wine?

You just reminded me that I've got a bottle of my own to demolish--though mine's el vino cheapo, and I'll probably be watching My Name Is Earl or The Office on TiVo(or maybe my Silverado DVD for the 35th time).

It's called "Blind Date," apparently because it's a blended wine, and they don't say what varieties they've blended, so you don't know what you're going to get until you actually take the plunge.

I'm not sure it's the wisest wine purchase ever, but hey, anything with alcohol in it is a good deal at $2.95 a bottle (I think; guess I'll find out, anyway).


Liz said...

The wine was very nice, a blend of cabernet and merlot from Chile. They do make exeedingly good, inexpensive wines. Not the usual "two-buck chuck" ... not that I'm implying tht;s what yours was, Ing. I've had some quite quaffable vino in the $3.00 region.

We used to buy lots of wine from Grocery Outlet when we lived in the Bay Area. It was terrific, and still is, for very good quality wines at rock-bottom prices. *Sigh* I do miss those days.

Ing said...

No need to imply. It's the simple truth. :)

Actually, for two bucks it was pretty good. Lived up (or down?) to my low expectations, anyway. Besides, I drank the whole thing in only about an hour; I never intended to savor it sip by sip. :)