Monday, October 20, 2008


Am I slipping back into my old ways? No. At least, I'm trying not to but something big is brewing for me work-wise and if it comes off it will be incredibly exciting. I'm longing to share it with everyone, but until I get the final go/no-go decision I want to keep it a secret. And that's why I haven't posted anything new on here for almost a week.

However, in the on-going effort to improve my writing skills I've found a great offer that you might find helpful too. ConceptDraw is offering a free download of an older, but fully functional ( anyone remember Data's classic line from one of the very early ST-TNG episodes? Well, it's not fully functional in THAT way. Honestly! You writers have minds like sewers :) ) -- to return the subject at hand -- version of MINDMAP. It normally costs around $200 so this is a steal. As you might have guessed from the name, it's software that helps you to draw mind maps. Assuming you don't already know what mind-mapping is, it's a graphical technique for generating ideas and linking those ideas together in eye-opening ways. And that's what we writers have to do for our stories to really take off.

If you'd like copy free you can download it from here for PC and Mac then get your serial # here. I've only just downloaded it, but it looks good and seems easy to use. So now you can't say I never give you anything for spending your time reading my blog!


Anonymous said...

I've downloaded it. I'll give it a try. This might work better then writing an outline. I like it so far. Hopefully, I don't have so much playing with it that I forget to write. =)

Thank you for thinking of us!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, one question. Why won't it let me save? I've tried several times. When I click on, for example, save as, where a window should open and let me type a save name, absolutely nothing happens. Any ideas why? I am using Vista. Could that be the reason?

Liz said...

Why won't it let you save? To be honest, I have no idea. It might be a Vista thing, but that's such an easy get-out. By any chance do you see a warning bar at the top of your browser screen? You may have security turned on so that it's preventing the download from starting. You are clicking Save and not Open, aren't you? I know you said you were but I'm in IT, I have to ask the obvious questions.

Liz said...

Just had a thought about this. If you go ahead and get your registration serial number from the other link, you'll be able to send the support team for the software an email asking for help.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz,

I have the program saved, and installed. I'm trying to save a MindMap project now and this is where it won't let me save. I can open the program and use it, creating all sorts of neat visuals for my WIP, but I can't save that document.

Liz said...

Ah... now I understand. If I were you I'd open a ticket with the support folks then. Event thoug it's free, this software is supposed to be fully supported. There should be a link on teh page were you downloaded your registration #, I think.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'll try that. Thank you.

Ben said...

Hi, Liz! I downloaded the software, but I can't get that second link to work. Are you sure the link is correct?

Liz said...
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Liz said...

ACk! It chewed up the links in that lst post. Trying again ...

Hi, Ben. I thought I had it right but maybe not.
For the Mac version try

For the PC version try

And the license key should be at

Cut-and-past the URLs to get them to work. Blogger is nibling away bit if I try to put the entire URL on one line.

You have to give them a few personal details then the key generator will email you the serial # to use.

They are heavliy pushing thier latest version ($200 or so) and it probably has some great new features, right now,with the little time I've put into it, I have all the features I can handle so this one seems to work for me.