Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ho Hum

I am a world class procrastinator. I know it. Everyone who knows me, knows it. My offspring have all inherited my procrastinating tendencies which is quite sad really. They could have ended up with one or two of my better points ( in fairness, they have) but they each took a double helping of the one thing that I would not wish on them. I've been thinking about all the ways I find to avoid doing stuff. The really weird thing is I only procrastinate over thing that I want to do. I know I'm doing it. I can hardly avoid it, can I? So for those who can't think of a good excuse not to do something try these for size

1. All time favorite -- tidy my desk. This one has legs, because not only do I waste an enormous amount of time doing it, I then can't find anything and so I get to waste even more time searching for stuff.
2. If tidying the desk fails, or if it hasn't been long enough for my accumulation to need removal, I dust. I can while away a merry hour or two flitting about with a swiffer. I really hate to dust so this is a sign of desperation. I give myself extra points for dusting my desk. The spouse is not amused when I dust. He has allergies.
3. Play computer games. The current time-sink is Jewel Quest. It's taken me six months but I'm on the final bonus round. So I have to either slow down or dig out Mahjong again.

Give me something I don't like and I whip it out in record time. I am a very odd person.


Ing said...

Heh. THat is kind of weird. Usually people procrastinate when they don't want to do something. But I procrastinate things I want to do, too. I put off fiction writing all the time for blogging and news reading (I'm doing it right now). I procrastinate and waffle and delay on EVERYTHING, though, not just any one sort of thing. It's a very self-defeating tendency.

Liz said...

Ha! Real-time blogging. This is much better than twitter!

riotimus said...

I have a well earned reputation as a lollygagger. In fact, I have magazines that I picked up for a specific article, but I read everything between the covers but the one that I'm really interested in. I don't know what's up with that. Maybe it is a delaying satisfaction kind of thing. Like saving the best for last, but there isn't really any last as long as we're here so it never happens or gets done.