Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's a start

So here I am, blogging when I've resisted for so long. Why the resistance? That's simple. I'm a procrastinator by nature. Unfortunately it's a trait that I seem to have passed on to my offspring too. I could say that I've avoided blogging because I work in the IT industry and so spending my free time on the internet is something I want to avoid. It wouldn't be true though. I do work in the IT industry as a Database Consultant, and it's a job that I love. It consumes my days and far too many nights and weekends. But that isn't who I am.

I am a writer, albeit not published... yet.

No more excuses! I'll make a blog entry every day -- well maybe not EVERY day -- occasionally my day job will get it the way. But I will endeavor to make an entry every day, journaling the progress of my current project, a fantasy novel called A Shadowed Flame. I'll post snippets, and maybe even some of the backstory that doesn't make it into the manuscript, but I'll also post other things too. Thanks for dropping by.

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