Monday, November 19, 2007

A Shadowed Flame

This is the title of my current WIP. I finished the original first draft back in February, let sit for a month and looked at it with fresh eyes. Hmmm. I loved it BUT... I could see huge problems with it. I didn't outline or plan anything, just let the book write itself. And it was my first attempt at "real" writing. There were craft issues galore. But I still loved the story so I rewrote it pretty much from scratch. In the process I've added plot lines, and the characters have changed a lot. Some have had to take a back seat (and they didn't appreciate it, I can tell you!), some have pushed themselves to the fore. The bottom line here is that I'm now revising the second draft. And wouldn't you know it, I've found some horrendous timeline issues which have taken me several weeks to fix. I think I have it straight now. As a result, I've had to add scenes, so the word count is going up. At the moment I'm at around 69K, and I think I'll end up with around 95K, maybe more as the story keeps developing.

Later this week I'll post a brief story arc. I still need to write it, which is why it isn't here yet. And maybe I'll put a snippet up for comment.

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