Monday, May 12, 2008

Mea culpa

Okay. Confession time. I didn't get my read-through of ASF completed last week. I only managed to get the first 100 pages done. Very bad. So I packed the manuscript back into my bag again and set out for the airport on Sunday. Made it through security with very little wait, and with 45 minutes to go before the plane was due to board, plonked myself down near the gate agent's stand, pulled out the MS and my red pen and started to read. After about 15 minutes I looked up. Hmmm. that's odd. The flight wasn't displayed over the gate any more. 'Kay. What's going on? Checked my cellphone(I don't wear a watch).

OMG!!! The flight LEFT 27 minutes ago!!

Leapt up (ms securely in hand), bolted to the desk. Yelped "Flight 2244 to Dayton?" at the agent.

Received a patronizing smile. "Didn't you hear the announcement?"

Does it look like I heard the blasted announcement? "No, no I didn't" I say, trying not to grit my teeth.

"Yes. I noticed you were engrossed in what you were doing."

Oh fine! But you didn't think to maybe come over and kick me, did you? "Yes I was reading."

Agent grins maliciously. "You should listen to the announcements, you know." Pauses for effect, then says "The flight's been delayed by 90 minutes. You're fine."

I could have kissed him, but I just smiled my thanks and sat down again. It only took another five pages to get my heartrate to return to normal.

ASF may never get published, but I know one thing: it's a page-turner.

PS I finished it last night and I've started the type-in of the changes. They'll be done by the end of the week. It should be on it's way to the beta readers on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I think I would've freaked on the guy. Snide and snippy and cocky are a bad combination. That's when you smile sweetly and say, "Isn't Karma a great thing?" because you know, in the end, they'll get what coming to them. I'm glad you didn't miss your flight. Looking forward to reading ASF!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, no words for you on the fourteenth. Where's my whip?

**flog, flog, flog**

=) 100 words. You can do it, I know you can.

Hamlet said...

That was funny. You are a much better and nicer person than I am. I would have done something I would have possibly regreted later to that attendant. But good job on finishing it up and good luck getting it all edited and polished!

Liz said...

Because airline staff have the power to make my day REALLY interesting if they so choose, I've learned to take my stripes with a serene smile, even if I'm seething inside.

And yes, Theadra I deserved the flogging and I need another one. I have an excuse. Weak, admittedly. This time Word is to blame. Last night it corrupted my file and when I eventually persuaded it to open the damned thing, it had removed every scrap of formatting. Fixing the double-spaced thing and getting the font back was easy enough. But I'm having to indent all my paragraphs. And we're talking about a LOT of paragraphs here. Oh yes, it also removed all my underlining too. So I'm still about 100 pages short of my type-in. I could have chewed my arm off when I realized what it had done. And I'm also short of about 75 words for today. Oh well. Flog away again.

Anonymous said...

**Flog** **Frown** **Flog** **Frown**

Okay, I flogged you, but I didn't enjoy it this time. I empathize with Word crash. I've had it happen, and I don't think it's a weak excuse. My only advice . . . back up, back up, back up.

Elleann said...
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Elleann said...

Just dropping in to say hi! I'm *almost* envious of you having what sounds like a completed ms already? Is it?


Liz said...

You're preaching to the choir about that, Theadra. Next time...

Hi Elle, I'm really close to having it complete. I'll be ready to send it out to my beta readers this weekend. I'm going to work on my query letter next week *YIKES* while I wait for their feedback, and I'm going to start the outline of my next project. With any luck you should see my word count pick up from here on. Or not...

Adrienne said...

I read your post from the bottom up as I scrolled around your page. It was very funny that way. Thanks for flogging me. I needed it. Also, you write time travel stuff? I'm interested in anything like that. Another also: You are tagged. Write 8 random facts about yourself. See Matt and Whiteacre for ideas. I believe Kel started it.

Matt said...

What do you have in mind for your next project