Tuesday, February 5, 2008

DeerCam Debuts!

DeerCam is up and running! I should explain a bit. Basically, we live in a thousand acre wood ( shades of Winnie the Pooh and all that, but it happens to be true.) Wait! I hasten to add here that while we live in the wood, we don't own it all, we only own an acre and a half. Anyway, back to my point; a herd of white-tailed deer inhabits this area, and, as it's just within the city limits of Charlotte NC, hunting is not allowed. As a result, our deer are pretty much a protected species, and they know it. So they munch their way through whatever vegetation they choose, which accounts for why, after a couple of years, we gave up trying to grow flowers and started feeding them deer corn. It's a lot cheaper than bedding plants, I can tell you. And now we ( the spouse and I) are sharing our enjoyment of the deer with the world at large.

All the technical side of thing is his doing and it's his website. He's been experimenting with lights and cameras and I think he's got it about right now. Of course, as soon as the newest doohickey comes out he'll want to get one in case it make things better. Oh well! Pop on over to http://kf6wax.camstreams.com/ and see if the does are at the trough. The best time to catch them is dusk and dawn but they're around all day long. You'll see the bucks mostly during the night. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is exciting. I like to watch the live web cams from Honolulu, so this is right up my alley. It's great watching the sunrise there when it's been up here for hours already.

I'll pop in and check it out when I get home tonight. Very, very, cool. I curious though...I realize your house is inside city limits, but why does that mean the dear are protected? I know hunting with guns is out, for said reason, but you could still use a bow (not that you'd want to at this point). Just a thought.

Liz Brooker said...

Well I had to ask to be sure, but apparantly even that's not allowed, according to the operator on our local 311 service. Of course, they could be wrong. But as we're not going to be shooting them --the deer that is, not the 311 operator -- it doesn't make a lot of difference. I love venison, just not the venison that frolics in my back yard.
An aside. One year when the offspring were young, we had venison for Christmas dinner one year. I spent the morning singing "Reindeer roasting on an open fire ... Jack Frost nipping at your nose..." Well, you know my sense of humor, it's my only excuse. Several years later they told me they all thought those were the RIGHT words to the song for ages! Ooops, the things parents do to their children!