Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yes! Yes ! Yes * does a little dance* Nailed it! The revisions to Chapter 17 I mean. This has been bugging me for over a week. And now I'm done. Oh not with the whole revision thing, not yet. My crit partner keeps coming up with things for me to fix, but the whole Chapter 17 thing was killing me. How did I break out of it?

Holly Lisle's How to Beat Writers Block course!

Lemme tell you the whole story.
I treat myself to a bonus whenever any of my projects goes live successfully. Nothing huge, I just award myself $100 to spend any way I please. Anyway, my part of the project at my favorite client is winding down, sad to say. And although, strictly speaking, the project hasn't ended yet, yesterday Holly had an amazing offer on her website. All four of her Clinics, the How to Beat Writers Block Course, How to Find Your Writing Discipline, 21 ways to Write When Life Your Life has Just Exploded, and copies of the first draft and revision of Hawkspar, which is due to be released in June, for $97! I wanted the Hawkspar stuff. Oh boy! Did I want the Hawkspar stuff? I'd have gladly paid $97 just for that. (I already have the four clinics and they are excellent, by the way). So I bought the package.
Well, last night, back at the hotel I was beating my head against the wall, getting nowhere with the infamous Chapter 17, and I thought "Well. You have the Writers Block thing. Give it a whirl. It can't do any harm." Worked through the first four sections and then went to bed. This morning... BINGO!! There it was! The answers to the questions that I've been struggling with. Amazing! Incredible! Thank you Holly! You saved me!

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