Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ooooh, the power.

Funny thing, electricity. You don't ... ahem... I don't give it a second thought when it's there, but take it away for a while and suddenly life becomes interesting in the all the wrong ways. You already know that when I'm not on the road I work from home. It's a wonderful arrangement as far as I'm concerned. So this morning I was tapping away doing database administration-ly stuff, happy as squirrel in a nut tree, when the laptop screen goes dim and a half-second later POW! I hear an explosion ( well okay it was more like a bang) in the neighborhood. Hmmm. That's not so good. But never mind, my cable modem is protected by UPS (not the parcel service, Uninterruptable Power Supply) so I'm fine. They'll fix the problem in no time, won't they? Won't they? No. They won't. Even with everything else that was running on the UPS switched off, it ran out of juice, leaving me high and dry. Can't work, so I'll surf the inter.... wait! No cable modem so no internet. All right then. I'll continue working on the crit I'm doing, that's a really good use of my time right now. (Plus I love doing it). And all was well until the laptop battery went the way of all flesh. Argh!!! Well, okay. We'll have lunch then. Soup I think. Nope. It needs to be warmed up. As does every other darn thing in the fridge, with the exception of lettuce. I like lettuce so I'm fine but the spouse? Not so much. Ah well, everything is back now. Thank you Duke Power. I promise to appreciate what you do for us in future


Anonymous said...

See, now with me I don't think about much until I accidently touch both plug ends as I'm unplugging something and it (the electricity) courses through my body, causing an interesting, slightly painful, sensation in my toes, fingers, and eyeballs. Can you imagine what life was life 200 years ago, without it? Now that's a horror story!

Ray M. Solberg said...

Went though something like this a few weeks back for a weekend. It's amazing how much you take for granted that relies on the power to get done.

Thanks for stopping by my site - and introducing me to yours.