Saturday, January 19, 2008

Closing in

So. I've fixed the scene in Chapter 12, and that added around five hundred words which is great. And it's a much better scene now. I was able to add a bit of misdirection, which is always fun, and there's a joke in there for my reader. It works on two levels, but he's probably the only one who'll appreciate both. Lovely! I think I'll do this in all my work from now on. A challenge for me, and an "easter egg" for him. Said reader shall remain anonymous, and for anyone wondering no, it's not my spouse. Are you intrigued? Good!

I also did a slew of work on the grand finale. Not so many words but I've tightened it up and added a touch of backstory. Hmmm. Is the last chapter the place for backstory? As far as I'm concerned the answer is yes. My characters keep growing and changing on me all the way through. Llaswyr sprung this little tidbit on me at the last second. Gotta love him for that! He still hasn't divulged the very last piece of the last scene though. We're working on it.

There are still couple of places that need attention. (Yeah, like only a couple... oh come on!) I marked some fixes my reader suggested. I'll do them first thing tomorrow. I'm still on track, but not ready to print the ms. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get it all done.

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