Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time is not on my side.

This week is getting away from me and there's no denying it. I have all of 45 words of my new cool scene written, and I think they are rubbish. I'm getting distracted by stupid things. Tomorrow my nose is going to be to the grindstone regardless of the day job, that incredible time-sink called the Internet, spousal duties and the demands of various cats ( I have the honor of sharing their home; they like to remind me of that) Does anyone out there know a good way to stay motivated in the face of all of this?


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I wish I had some words of advice, but alas, I have none. I used to steal minutes at a time in the bathroom, the one room I could get to myself. I'd hide the manuscript in the linen closet, tell the family I was going to clean, and then sit and edit. Doesn't work so well when your actually in the writing process though. If you have a laptop, I'd say lock yourself in a closet, but a desktop makes that hard. Good luck, and remember...45 words might not be as much as you wanted to write, but it's better than 0!!!!

Liz Brooker said...

Thanks for the support Theadra. Life does have a habit of getting in the way of art... if you can call it that! Anyway, I do appreciate your comments. Things are better today. Not work-wise but that's a different story, if you'll excuse the pun. Tomorrow I'll post properly, and I'll add comment on your snippet too. I just saw it, but I'm too busy to read it properly right now.