Monday, January 7, 2008

Excuses, excuses...

In my line of work it's not that unusual to have to do the occasional all-nighter. For me it happens maybe every six to eight weeks. But back-to-back? Now that's definitely not what I signed up for! This weekend was a brute, and no kidding. I had about four hours sleep in forty-eight.

My muse does not like that and is punishing me. All my main characters have gone skiing (they know I HATE the cold) and left a secondary character to tug at my sleeve. Now he's demanding his place in the sun. It's not going to happen in this book, but he's getting very insistent. Maybe I better let him chunner on at me and see where this goes. I did have a plan for the next project, but who knows? This could be better. And if I give in to him maybe the rest will come back in a hurry. :-) I hope so!

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, 4 hours sleep? I'm surprised you can type at all. I do not do well on 4 hours sleep anymore. No wonder your muse is giving you trouble. I say, write whatever is screaming to come out. It may be drivel given your lack of sleep, but maybe that will encourage your muse to help you out. :)