Monday, January 28, 2008

The Light Fantastic

And now the end of the saga. Yesterday we went out to the other DIY superstore, the one where the associates wear orange aprons, and found a (not nearly as) nice light fixture for the kitchen. When I saw the price I swiftly revised my opinion. It's amazing how a 50% price break can do that. Sooo anyway, we bought that one and the spouse installed it and now I have light again. I'm still looking for lights for the family room but that project is low-priority for now. Oh yes, the fan over in the breakfast nook has been updated too. But not the light over the sink. But we're getting there.

And with the money we saved ( Huh? didn't we go out originally for a single fixture?) the spouse has decided that we can afford to put up DeerCam. And more of that in a later post...

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