Friday, March 21, 2008

100 miserable words

I hate them all. But they're written. I'm going to have to edit my edits. Never mind, at least I'm writing something and that's what counts.


Ing said...

Heh. Took the words right out of my mouth.

I've been saying (or at least thinking) that to myself the last 4 days, every time I write.

I actually felt a bit of a flow yesterday, though; some dialogue came out that was almost worthy of the character who was speaking it.

Liz Brooker said...

Ahh... when the flow starts and words slide off your fingers like chocolate, so rich and warm, and leave you wanting more. Yes. Well. Enough of that. Let's hope your character will whisper the right ones for you tomorrow.

Ing said...

I wouldn't say I've reached that blissful state of writing flow yet, but I have actually felt like I knew what I was doing once or twice in the last few days. That's a good thing.

Also a good thing--I've been meaning to mention it for a couple days--is that new site header image. Love the castle.

Liz Brooker said...

Thanks. I took it last year when we were on vacation. It's Conway in North Wales. I used to live not far from there.