Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update on Word Count Buddies

I thought I'd give you an update on what I've been doing with the website. I

When you log in to add your words you'll notice that you don't have to enter your name in Add Word Count form any more. I'm picking up your user name from the log in screen. And I've changed the time on the Word Count Table to show the 24-hour clock.

I've changed the View Guest book screen. It doesn't display the email address anymore.

I'm working on setting up an Issues Log. Hopefully that will be available sometime tomorrow. You'll be able to report problems there and also use it to give me your suggestions on how to make the site better. I have some ideas that I'll put up there. These include
1. Word Count Warrior of the Week. This is the person who wrote the most words the previous week. Their name will be displayed above the Word Count Table on the home page.
2. Get the Wall of Shame working. I'm going to also include a list of Weak Excuses ( free free to add to them, there'll be a form that will allow that) and if I can work it, we'll be able to chose one when our names appear on the Wall.
3. At Ing's request, put together a Word Count Buddies Storefront, with the merchandise ideas that Whiteacre, Aestril and Theadra came up with.

Now it's confession time: I haven't written my words today. My weak excuse -- the cat ate my mouse.

See ya!


Ing said...

I guess in the digital age, that one replaces "the dog ate my homework." I like it. I think pencil and paper aren't obsolete, no dice. Still weak.

Unless you have a dog--then you've got excuses to cover the old school and the new wave.

But hey, you've been doing all these other cool things for the benefit of us all. Don't suppose we can get too uptight about that.

Besides which, you're one of only...what, two of us?...who actually was consistently working on noveling before we started this flogging thing. Don't cut too deeply into your writing time on behalf of the rest of us slackers. We're not worth it. Heh.

One mild flogging administered, per union rules.

Carry on.


Daeruin said...

Shame! I'm with Ing, here. The last think I want is for you to skip your writing while working on this stuff!

Liz Brooker said...

How about " My dog mistook my PC tower for a fire hydrant?" And I have have a milllion more where that came from.

Truth be told I'm not skipping writing because I'm playing with the website. I'm fighting an uphill battle with the dreaded revision thing. And I absolutely hate doing it. I want to like it, but I can't. It's just not as much fun as getting the story down. ( Plus my characters are threatening to all leave for an extended vacation hang-gliding in the Andes because I keep messing with them. And who can blame them?).

Daeruin said...

Well, revision is actually a pretty good excuse. I'm glad you're not spending too much time on the website.