Monday, March 17, 2008

Word Count Buddies

I'm participating in a Word Count challenge! We've agreed to write a minimum of one hundred words every day on our current WIP or future project. We're still working out the ground rules. but I've decided to start today anyway, so I've started a new category called Word Count Buddies. Hmmm. For a writer of fantasy that shows startlingly little imagination doesn't it? That aside, feel free to join in either as a participant or as a interested onlooker. This should be fun... and productive.


Ing said...

Hey! I didn't know we'd started already!

Looks like I have some writing to do tonight. :)

I talked to Daeruin of Noesis (well, emailed, actually), about a couple of ideas I had regarding ground rules and how the word counting/posting/flogging part of this thing might work...

In the meantime, I'll see about getting a Word Count Buddies category up on Blog Ing.

I'll check back here when I can get back online. Maybe this post can be the (more or less) official place for us to discuss what we'll do and how?

Ing said...

Oh... Meant to say that I'd come back here to talk about those ideas I emailed to Daeruin. Keeping everybody in the loop, and all. (Seinfeld: "You're out of the loop!")

Liz Brooker said...

No time like the present!

I like being kept in the loop... as long as it isn't round my neck ;-)

By all means to use this post as the *official* place to discuss the formalities.

Catch you later

Daeruin said...

Cool! I'm a buddy! I'm just about to post my first report to my blog.