Monday, March 24, 2008

Word Count Buddies goes Live!!

Hi Everyone. The site isn't completely finished and it will take a few days to iron out the inevitable gliches, but it's about 90% there so I'll release it to you now. You need to send me an email for your username and password if I haven't already contacted you with it.

Let me know if you find things that don't work, or that look strange. I'm still getting a few things shoehorned in place so bear with me while I do that. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for updating my word count. I'll try again today and let you what happens. Looks great.

On a side note, you mentioned if we're going to be unable to write for any reason, we need to let everyone know.

This weekend, 28, 29, and 30, I will be able to write, but as I'll be camping, I won't be able to update my totals until late Sunday night or early Monday morning. No flogging me, I can't help that our forest don't offer wireless hot spots. ; )

Liz Brooker said...

What kind of excuse is that? One for the "Weak excuses" page I do believe!

I hope you enjoy your trip. Don't try to add your counts for the days that you missed updating the site. Just drop me an email with them and I'll add them to the database. Otherwise you'll have several entries for one day and that will look weird.

I'm going to try to fix it so that I can show everyone's total word count, and also to have a Word Count Warrior of The Week displayed on the home page. That will be the person who did the most words the week before. No estimate on when that will happen though.